M & I Bank Online Banking Review – The Pros and Cons

M & I Bank Using the web Banking-how does their internet system compare with others? Here is examination the 5 most important features to guide you find out.

Ease with use

On the whole the system is quite simple figure out. Unlike a lot from banks, you don’t need an MIT degree to learn it. It’s very easy to instantly start managing your dollars.


This is one of the many drawbacks of this interface. To put it bluntly, the machine is SLOW… much slower than you’d expect of your modern bank. Also the debt card transactions with M & I Bank often take awhile to indicate to up in your account, which can make it hard to find out what your current balance in fact is.


This is another for the problem areas for M & I Banking financial institution. Many customer have reported problems logging in once in a while. It’s not an day-to-day occurrence… but problems do arise every so often. However, this is true of pretty much every bank.

Customer service

For the most part (keywords being “most part”) their the internet is quite high superior. Although they do have outsourced support services, most of the time they determine what they’re talking about-and if you happen to have problems you ought to get things straightened away quite fast.


Like the majority of banks today, the security is great. Basically it’s hat you’d expect of any bank their size.

So what’s the particular verdict?

On the full the positives of M & I On-line Banking System outweigh that negatives. It has its’ problems, but who doesn’t?