M I Banking Online – Mibank Customer Reviews

Open a M & I checking account today and enjoy online banking and bill pay with no monthly or ATM fees.  M I Banking online is a great way to manage your account. Customers can carry out all sort of banking activity with the help of M I banking online service easily.

It provides balance checking, online statements, online bill pay and with free of charge. M I banking online is a financial service Corporation that offers different kind of financial services. The bank is serving its customers since a long time with its quality services and employees. If you are searching for help with your M I banking online account, you may refer to my instructions as follows.

Instructions to the existing M I banking online customers:

1.     Visit the official M I Bank Online website.

2.     Find the login box in upper left side of the M I banking online webpage.

3.     Choose your account type (Personal Banking is selected by default).

4.     Enter your User ID and ZIP Code.

5.     Click ‘SIGN ON’.

6.     Next, if the Security Image matches with your given security image, put your password.

7.     Click ‘SIGN ON’.


You should signed-on in your M I Online Banking account.


Instructions to the new customers:

If you have banking account but do not have M I banking online account, please enroll before you go. To enroll follow the followings:


1.     Click ‘Sign Up and Start Now’ (Appears just below of login box).

2.     Next, enter your ZIP code and choose your homepage and click ‘GO’.

3.     Then follow the instructions as enrollment window guides you and finish your enrollment with M I Bank Online account.


Some M I banking online customers had some not-good experiences while banking with M I Bank. I am putting some extracts below:


One customer wrote as

“I am a current M I banking online customer–but soon to be former.  First of, I live in a small town and we have 2 M&I branches both open M-F until 4:40. NO weekend hours.  This makes talking to a personal banker face-to-face very difficult for my husband and I because we work opposite shifts.  When we opened the account, we had to go on my day off work (should have seen it as a Red Flag). Well, all has been fine and dandy until by account went to a ZERO balance–not overdrawn, not negative, just a Zero balance. “


Another customer reviewed as

“I signed up for a checking account with M I Bank about 3 years ago.  It was a secondary account for me to put a little money.  When I opened the account I put in $100 because that was the minimum.  At the beginning of this year they raised it to $500 and started taking $12/month out of my account as a service charge because I didn’t meet the minimum.  By the time I noticed, I only had $40 left in the account.  My only option was to add $500 to the account and they would give me the fees back or to close the account and take my $40.  I took the $40 and ran.  I’ll never do business with them again. “